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Monday, August 29, 2016

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hello! Back again with more on adhesives.  Today we will talk about the most popular tape runners used at Maine Country Charm Scrapbooking and Card Making!!!

Both of the tape runners we use here come in removable and permanent.  It's personal preference which on you could chose but removable isn't always the best for final use as it can be removed fairly easily.  Some use removable to 'tack down' a piece  to check placement of picture or layer for a card.  
Tombow Permanent Tape Runner $7.50  

3 Pak Tombow Permanent Tape Runner Refills $12.00--you save $3.00 by us selling this pak.      

Tombow Removable Tape Runner $7.50
Tombow Removable Tape Runner Refill $5.00
Herma Permanent Tape Runner $9.00
Herma Permanent Tape Runner Refill $4.00
Herma Removable Tape Runner $9.00
Herma Removable Tape Runner Refill $4.00
Now I would like to say that there are many, many more adhesives out there, the most important thing is to make sure the adhesive you choose is acid-free and archival safe if you are working with photos of friends and family as you want to keep them safe.

Have a topic or technique you would liked discussed?? Just post it in the comment box below this post.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Adhesives: Foam Squares, Pop-Dots, Roll of Adhesive Foam Tape

Is your paper craft project looking a little flat? Let me tell you how to add interest to your project.

The purpose of these kind of adhesives are to give height to a picture on a scrapbook page, or give more interest in a paper-pieced item for a scrapbook page or the front of a card. Used to be this kind of adhesive only came in white but now one can find foam squares in black, which works quite well with darker paper.  Another thing one can do if purchasing both white and black is to color the edge of white squares with a colored marker and then you won't have to worry about the white showing.  Below I am first showing you the difference of interest by not using and then using foam adhesives.

Without foam adhesive the items are flat without interest.

With foam adhesive behind the faces and hands there is more dimension and interest in the products.
 We carry a variety of foam adhesives in the shoppe and here I will show you what we carry and their prices and the purpose of each.
Black foam squares $3.00 Great to use with dark papers

White foam squares $4.00.This package contains both 1/4" and 1/2" squares. Use with light papers and have the ability to color the edges with marking pen to blend with project's paper.   

This package may seem unreasonably large, but there are many advantages to this size. At .5"X36yd it is so easy to cut into thin longer lengths of tape so go around a frame, narrow parts to paper piecing and more.  You can cut it to your specifications whether 1/2" or 6" long! At $43.00 it's under $1.20 a yard.  This foam tape is a little thinner than other foam tapes but also gives you the opportunity to have various heights to your project.

This package contains 2 yds. of black adhesive tape 1/2" wide.  $5.00
These are clear pop up dots that are 1/2" in diameter. These sell for $4.00 per package of 75.  
Comment in the comment box which foam adhesive is your favorite why and on Saturday I will draw a name for a free package of Pop Up Dots.