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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Thursday and first day of fall to all!! Today I had to really think what I wanted to talk about and decided to talk about the pros and cons between big box stores and independently owned stores.  While I don't believe, and never have believed, the way to sell a product or service is by cutting down the competition, I do believe there are differences between the two types of businesses.  First thing I'd like to point out is I try my best to put my customers first.  I am available when they come in to answer questions, make suggestions and even lead them to a comparable product that could save them money. We all want the most for our money.  As a home-based business, I certainly can't carry everything they do and as a matter of fact I pride myself in carrying what they don't.  Sure I can't always match their prices, but did you know if I don't have a product you want, I give you the option to have me order it for you with giving you 20% off the purchase price, if you prepay.  And with the 20% off, plus the gas money saved, you get a great deal!!!  I feel I offer our classes at a very reasonable price of $5.00 per class plus materials. And there is no fee if you can't make it a week!! But you know what! My customers are very faithful that most the time they want the kits to the class they missed and if they need any special instructions I will give it to them. When doing projects in class how many stores would tell their customers when they need a card stock, maybe one in the class would like to split a paper. Do you think a big box store is going to that for you?  For our customers, I also have finished scrapbook page ideas for you to get inspired by and will work with you to find the right papers needed for your themed pages. And the same for our card makers.  Also, I have a couple cutting machines that I just love to cut out that special die cut made just for your project.  Usually within a day and sometimes the very same day.  We call our customers Maine Country Charm's Paper Dolls because that is just what they are...........dolls for supporting this home based business.  I do hope you see the opportunities of shopping a local business and I told you the reasons without cutting down the competition!!! Please leave your replies in the comment box. Love to hear your thoughts on this subject!!! 


  1. I believe you have more in your shop that I love to buy than going off to big box places ...you always order item's I am just dying for and with a 20% discount ......like today I really wanted acetate sheets to try a shaker card not only did you have it ,but u came from a friends house to sell it to me I thank you so much for the great services you have provided for me and for all of us card/scrapbooking lil geeks lol .... =)

    1. No problem at all! My Paper Dolls mean at lot to me!! Thank you!!!

  2. This is a very good topic. I appreciate everything that you do for us. You bend over backwards to get all of the "latest"things and techniques, then immediately have classes to teach us how to use them... This keeps classes exciting and fun! You always have beautiful new paper as well as our old favorites.. Once in a while I save money by buying paper at a big box store but, "you get what you pay for". I like to spend money locally and help out independently owned businesses.. especially one like yours. If not for MCC, I wouldn't be scrapbooking or making cards. I rely on you and all of the Paper Dolls for inspiration and ideas. Oh, I forgot the most important thing!! We have so much fun!!

  3. With customers like you how can I go wrong!!? I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to serve you and helping you with your projects!! Thank you!

  4. Ah, my favorite "rant" big box vs. local shop! When you live in a small town as I do, it is not convenient to get to the big stores to use their coupons (usually on one item only) When you shop at your local shop (in my case, Maine Country Charm) you can order exactly what you want and if you prepay, you can get a discount; this discount may not be all that the big box stores offer, but you don't have to drive for an hour using all that gas. You end up buying way more than the item that you wanted. Support your local shop, this helps the owner and also your pocketbook. :D

  5. Yes, Lin, I have heard you say this and appreciate your business. Some people have asked did someone say something to you about this subject for you to write on it....the answer is no......I just wanted to point out how independent shop owners are here for each and every one of our customers. Thank you